Thursday, July 28, 2016


Now that I'm back to blogging - I would say an update is necessary. My time is so limited these days so expect many of my posts to be bullet style.

Here we go!
  • Riley is ONE
  • Rashaun will be starting the 3rd grade August 8th
  • My professional work keeps me BUSY and CHALLENGED daily. 
  • My mom life/wife life keeps me BUSY the rest of the hours and days of the week.
  • Riley is an eczema baby, and it is HARD. He doesn’t sleep through the night. I don’t sleep through the night. And Rodney doesn’t sleep through the night.
  • Football season is around the corner. While I’m excited for some football, my days are going to be even crazier with just Riley and me in the evenings.
  • I’ve found a new YouTuber that I LOVE. She’s a mom of two, young boys. She inspires me.
  • I need to start being more intentional about meal planning. 
  • I need a Costco or Sam's membership. Riley LOVES milk!
  • I want to try freezer meals. 
  • I'm having a hard time keeping my house clean. Well actually I keep our main living areas clean, but the rooms you can't see i.e. our master bedroom, master bath, and "movie room" - I just can't keep them clean. I need a cleaning routine...or hired help!
  • It's hard to think about any kind of routines, because I can't get a bedtime routine down for Riley...damn, eczema. 
  • I ordered him ScratchSleeves , and they should arrive today. I'm hoping this will be the miracle product I've been searching for!
...there's so much more to share...until next time!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


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For the past week or so I’ve found myself wanting to blog again. I need an outlet. Like all other moms, I feel like I never have any time for me. Blogging is my therapy. Goodness knows I need therapy. I started this time last year, but I’ve come to realize my heart is here at Really, I’m JUST Keia. I’m plain. I like simplicity. I love that this space feels like a journal of sorts. It’s not stuffy…you know? I want to share whatever I feel like sharing when I feel like sharing.

So that’s what I’m going to do. This space is for ME, but I welcome you (whoever you may be) to come along!