Friday, May 22, 2015

Baby Update | Week 32

Yes, I said week 32!!! Oh em to the gee! My little man will be here in 8 short weeks or less, and of course I haven't been here on the blog with an update in weeks!!! Blehhhhh, I struggle with blogging consistency if you haven't already noticed.

Let's get to the update shall we?!

size of the baby | About the size of a squash (that's a bad vegetable comparison to me - I mean what kind of squash are we talking about?! According to all the articles I've read, my little dude is working his way to 4 pounds!)

total weight gain | Oh friends...the scale is not about the right....that's all I have to say about that.

gender | Boy!

maternity clothes | I have acquired quite a few more maternity clothes over the weeks. I ordered a few pieces from Walmart online that are super comfy, but still cute. I also ordered a few bottoms from (aka an online Goodwill/thrift shop) ThredUp has a ton of little worn, name brand clothes that aren't just maternity specific. I defin. recommend you check the site out!

movement | This boy is VERY active....and now that he is running out of room it hurts! : ( The painful movements have increased quite a bit just this past week. Good thing I love this kid so much already so I'm giving him a pass!

sleep | Sleep is just so, so. I wake up quite a few times throughout the night to hit the bathroom, which then means it takes a little while to get back to sleep. AND my baby likes to move the most at night!

craving | I can't really think of a specific craving I've had lately. Well, there is ice! My iron is low, which I experienced as a teenager. I was an ice fiend back in those days, so I find it kind of strange that I'm craving it again now during pregnancy.

symptoms | Ah! I really try not to complain about my symptoms, because I want to enjoy every bit of this pregnancy as there is a pretty good possibility this will be my only one. BUT there are symptoms: back pain, knee pain, I have to pee all the time, baby kick pains...just to name a few

stretch marks | none! I can't believe it....still none! I have been using  Palmer's Stretch Mark Massage Lotion on my belly, hips, butt, and thighs daily. 

Big R is | Really starting to anticipate the arrival of our little guy. He is also very attentive to every moan and complaint I make - making sure I'm ok. I really like this extra sweet man this pregnancy has turned him into. 

looking forward to | Baby showers! I have one tomorrow with my family in Virginia and another smaller one in a couple of weeks in North Carolina with my local friends and coworkers. 

best moments | Baby R's nursery is NO WHERE near complete, but he does have a crib and that makes me happy!

Hopefully I will get another update out sometime before I actually have Baby R! *Fingers crossed*

Until Next Time, 
<3 Keia