Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baby Update | 23 Weeks + 1 Day

23 week update
size of the baby | about the size of a large mango

total weight gain | Up 2 pounds since my last appointment a month ago. Not bad.

gender | 100% boy!

maternity clothes | I have picked up a couple of maternity shirts - mainly from Target clearance and one pair of maternity leggings - also from Target

movement | My little guy is on the move! I can feel him moving around all throughout the day. I've noticed he really likes riding in the car. Maybe it's the music? If so, he definitely gets that from his daddy.

sleep | Still decent. When I go down at night I'm usually out. It's nice that I haven't had to wake to pee in the middle of the night as much.

craving | I've really wanted a cold cut sub for the past few weeks! Ughhh too bad I'm not supposed to have cold cuts.

symptoms | I don't really have many complaints. I dealt with some headaches for about two weeks straight, but they have pretty much disappeared. I'm dealing with a tooth issue. I have an appointment scheduled for a root canal. {not looking forward to that AT ALL} I'm wondering if the pregnancy has intensified the issue with my tooth. I'm not really uncomfortable yet, but I do moan and groan with big movements.

stretch marks | none! 

Big R is | Still very kind and helpful. We are gearing up to get the little one's nursery together! We are looking forward to a trip to Detroit to visit family for the Easter holiday.

looking forward to | Mini vacay with my boys. + More nursery prep.

best moments | Little R and I had a conversation about his little brother last weekend. He is going to be the best big brother ever.

I had a doctor's appointment today. My little guy and I are both very healthy, which was great to hear. I have my next appointment at 27 weeks, and I will have the glucose test done. After that appointment, I will start going every two weeks. Is this real life? Also, my cousin and best friend are working on my baby shower, which will be in late May....eeekkkk! I'm going to be a mommy!!!!!

Until Next Time, 
<3 Keia

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Style Thursday | Spring 2015 Wishlist

Spring 2015 Wishlist

I have not posted a My Style Thursday in foreverrrr! I'm itching to go spring shopping and these are some of the items I will be on the lookout for sure. As many of you probably already know my style is super simple and usually very casual. Since I will be rocking an ever growing baby bump this spring, I think it will be nice to have a couple of nice button downs I can wear open with a nice comfy tee under. As you notice, I don't have any specific plans for bottoms. Do I have to wear pants? LoL. I have not been a fan any pants. I can actually still fit into all my regular jeans for now, but I'm most comfortable with no pants, or if I have to wear pants I'm grabbing for pants with a stretchy waist. For those lingering cool days and nights, I'm on the hunt for a light weight, olive green parka. Lastly, I NEED a pair of white Converse in my life, and a girl can never have too many statement necklaces. Right? Tell me what you have on your spring wish list! I want to know!

Until Next Time,
<3 Keia

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Life Lately {Photo Recap}

Heyyyyyy friends! Thank you all so much for your kind words and support on my last post! Makes this pregnant lady feel good! I wanted to drop in to share what we've been up to lately! Enjoy! : ) 

Weekend of March 6 | Relaxation + Baby Bump

National Pancake Day | Big R and I had chicken and waffles instead. ; ) 

All Things Basketball | CIAA 2015 + Big R and Little R NBA 2K15 battles.

All Things BABY | Baby R's first outfits (will share his name in a future post!) + I'm obsessed with my niece! Like OBSESSED! She is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!

Thoughts of What Baby R Will Look Like | Newborn Big R with his aunt + Chubby me with my mommy

Until Next Time,
<3 Keia

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hey friends! I've been wanting to share this news for quite some time, but I wanted to make an effort to tell my closest friends and family first before sharing here on le blog! But as you already know from the blog post title...I'm PREGNANT! My motto for 2015 is 27, married, and pregnant. This is such an exciting time in my life! I'm honestly still in disbelief that I'm carrying a child. I don't really know why! I have seen my little bean at four different ultrasound appointments, my is tummy poking out, and I can feel some slight movements at this point. 

As of tomorrow, I will be 21 weeks -- over half way there already! My due date is July 15, 2015. AND we are having a BOY!!!! I don't know how consistent I will be with pregnancy updates, but I thought I would start with my 20 week update. I also want to do another post letting you know how I felt from the beginning until now! 

Anyway, here's a glance at my bump, which looks more like extra weight in the midsection than a bump to me  and my 20 week update will follow: 

20 week update

size of the baby | about the size of a banana

total weight gain | 12 pounds so far (eeekkk!)

gender | 100% boy!

maternity clothes | No maternity clothes yet

movement | some flutters, which have been more consistent over the past week

sleep | decent. some back pain.

craving | I'm good with anything salty

symptoms | I have to pee all the time. My tummy has been itchy. Some back aches - mainly at night.

stretch marks | none! hopefully I won't get any.

Big R is | very kind and helpful. (it's because I'm having him another son - I just know it!) 

looking forward to | furniture shopping for the nursery

best moments | feeling my baby move! - It is an amazing feeling!

So there! Cat is out of the bag!!!! I hope to share more soon!

Until Next Time, 
<3 Keia