Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Wrap Up {December Photo Diary + SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT}

Can you say blog post overload? I wanted to get these posts up prior to the New Year, but obviously that didn't happen. Here we are, the first day of 2015! I am so very excited about this new year. I hope that each of you have a blessed new year! Let's wrap up 2014 with December!

{Baby Shower For My Niece} Eeekk!! She will be here any day now! I can't WAIT to hold her and spoil her! 

{Special Birthday/Pre-WEDDING Dinner} Yes, you read correctly. Pre-WEDDING! On Wednesday, December 17th my husband (then fiance') surprised me with a nice dinner (he made reservations and everything) at Bravo Italian Restaurant in Greensboro, NC for not only my 27th birthday (December 21st), but also to celebrate our nuptials the following day! Dinner was delicious and a great way to start our special celebration. 

{WEDDING!!!!!!! - December 18th, 2014} I think I briefly talked about our engagement in another post, but Big R technically proposed to me April 6, 2012. I got my ring last December 8th, 2013. After changing our wedding plans what felt like a million times trying to make sure both sides of our families could attend, trying to make sure we had our scheduled visitation with Little R during said wedding weekends, etc. we came to the mutual understanding that we both really just wanted to get married already! So we picked a date in December, December 18th to be exact, we hired a photographer, and we headed to the courthouse! I am officially a MRS., and I could not be HAPPIER! Here are a few photos from our shoot! I think the photographer, Tristan of Tristan Means Photography did a fabulous job and I highly recommend him!!!!

{Santa Came!} And to wrap up the year, Santa came! Little R actually has Christmas twice. First at his mom's in Virginia. Santa comes back for a second trip at our house. This year he came the night of December 27th. Little R was on the nice list this year!

2014 was good to me! Bring it on 2015!!!

Until Next Time, 
<3 Keia