Friday, December 26, 2014

September 2014 Photo Diary

So in an effort to get caught up on le blog, I decided to do monthly photo diaries for September through December! I don't have much to share for September. I guess I didn't whip out my camera much? Not sure what happened there. Anyway, here is what I have to share: 

My mom and cousin/aunt/God Mother came to visit! 
Quick side note: My family on my mom's side is a bit odd. My grandmother, my mom's mother, passed when my mom was just a teenager. My mom's older sister raised my mom and young sister through their teen years, so my aunt is really like a grandma to me, and her daughters are like my mom's sisters which means they are more like my aunts. I have also deemed my cousin/aunt Kena my God Mother. I've been her baby since the day I was born. Meet Kena!! You will likely see her on the blog again. 
Mommy and me!
With Kena!
Whenever my mom and Kena visit it is almost a guarantee we are going to make a stop by the Goodwill. It is basically a tradition now! On this particular visit, I tried on my FIRST wedding dress! Yes, I tried on a wedding dress at the Goodwill. Judge me if you want! The dress was beautiful, brand new, and only $100.00. It just wasn't the one though so I left it in the store. 

The beginning of a hair situation.

The first picture is my natural hair straightened, which I had straightened at a Dominican salon. Long story short here...if you have thin, fine natural hair do NOT go to a Dominican salon. Everything is not for everybody. The next picture is a snapshot of me with the sew in from hell! I will talk more about it in an upcoming post! Smh. Bad, bad hair decisions. 

The Mr's new whip.

Big R got a new car!! So happy for him. Funny thing is I drive it more than he does, because "his music isn't right," i.e. he needs to get Bluetooth set up in his car so he can listen to Spotify. I'm not a music person like that, so I don't really get it but to each their own.

Until Next Time, 
<3 Keia