Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Morning Thoughts

I'm typing this post on my phone...while still laying in the bed, so please forgive me for any typos or grammatical errors. And don't judge me for still being in the bed! 

  • I really hope I've mentioned this before, but Tia over at was my inspiration for Saturday Morning Thoughts. She does 'Thought Bubbles.' She has a funny sense of humor, and I personally enjoy getting a glimpse into other people's thoughts. 
  • I have an icky cold, and it is really in the way!
  • My hair is a hot mess!
  • I had an appointment to get twists this morning, but I cancelled it because I didn't want to be in a salon snotting, sneezing,  and coughing all morning!
  • I regret cancelling the appointment.  What the eff am I going to do with my hair?
  • My family did not have a Christmas dinner this year. Where are they doing that at?
  • Big R and I are hosting a dinner at our house tomorrow! Y'all pray for me! 

Until Next Time,
<3 Keia