Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What's in my Bag?| Amusement Park Edition

So I am a very, very simple girl when it comes to beauty products. My everyday face routine takes less than five minutes. Very rarely do I do anything special when it comes to my makeup. I usually only wear makeup during the week for work to control the oil on my face and to at least attempt to cover some of my blemishes and scars. Most weekends I don't wear makeup at all, unless I'm going out somewhere nice. It's funny when I met Big R four years ago, we started dating in the summer time. It was super hot outside, but I was always adamant about putting on makeup everyday even just to go to Walmart! My face was in much worst shape back then. I had really bad dark spots on my face that I really tried hard to cover up, BUT Big R really encouraged me to stop being so reliant on makeup. If he had things his way I would never wear makeup. I really appreciate him for that. He enjoys my natural beauty, which makes my life really easy!

Anyway, that was a really long aside. I wanted to share what I carried with me in my purse this past weekend on our trip to Carowinds.
This are the products you can find in my purse on just about any weekend actually. I carried a simple, small cross body bag, so I only needed the essentials which included: 

1| Aviator Sunglasses. 
Y'all I only own one pair of sunglasses. Yep, I said one. I can't even remember where I bought these. I've had them for at least a couple of years. 

2| Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips
I love the way this stuff smells. You can't always count on Vaseline to give your lips the ultimate moisture. 

3|Venus In a Snap Razor
I knew we were going to hit the water park, and it was so convenient to bring this pocket sized razor along with me. I ended up not needing it this trip, but I will definitely pop it in my bag when we head to the beach later this summer. So perfect for travel and trips!

4| Milani Pressed Powder in Cappucino
This is the powder I use on my face every day. It provides light coverage, and I only applied it to help control the oil on my face. It definitely wore off by the end of the day between the pool and sweating from running around the amusement park. 

5| Covergirl Mascara
I bought this mascara couple of months ago, and it is just about out. It's not all that great to be honest, but I wanted to at least apply a little mascara and this did the trick. 

6| Ulta Lip Gloss
My lovely friend/co-worker bought this lipgloss for me. I love it. It gives a very natural shine and shimmer to my lips. I figured since I had on little to no makeup, the least I could do was to rock some lip gloss. 

It could just be me...but if I have my stunna shades and some lip gloss...I'm good! Or maybe I'm just a plain Jane?! Eh...I'm cool with that! LoL. 

Until next time, 
<3 Keia