Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Style Thursday| Fiance's Picks

Hey friends!!! Welcome back to another week of My Style Thursday! This week I bribed my lovely fiance' to assist me! It was actually easier to bribe him than I thought it would be...he just asked me to my him a parfait in exchange! Done and done! LoL. Anyway, Big R, my fiance', is from the city of Detroit, Michigan. People from Detroit, men especially, take serious pride in their style! As a result, Big R is very stylish. He is very confident in his sense of style too. Unlike me, he has very well-established wardrobe, and he has a zone that he sticks to, which I think is super important when it comes to creating your own style. Over the years we've been together he has encouraged me to find my zone and to stick with it! Now, don't get it twisted...this is no Kimye' situation over here...I wear what I want! LoL. He just encourages me to build a wardrobe that I'm comfortable with...a wardrobe that's versatile! I'm still working at that...but I've come a long way! Ok, I'm rambling again! Here are a few pics of my handsome husband-to-be: (just so you can get a sense of HIS style!)
Ok, so it's important that you note: his French cuffed shirt, ring, watch, AND cuff links! You didn't think it was a game when I told you he was from Detroit, did you?! LoL.
We took this picture a couple of years ago. We were out for the night on a cruise along the Detroit River. (Lawd, what I would do to have those arms today!)
And this would be his version of casual wear. If you hadn't noticed already, he also dresses his little mini-me very well too!
So now that you know a little more about my man and his fashion sense...for this week's post, I asked him to pick out two outfits he would choose for me. 

This is what he chose for an EVERYDAY look: 
And this is what he chose for a NIGHT OUT look:

I am personally a fan of both looks! What do you think? I had a lot of fun with this post. It was really interesting to see what Big R would chose for me! I like that his picks were both rather simple, and I'm sure y'all know by now I'm a simple girl! Let me know if y'all like these kinds of posts. I am going to try remember to ask him to chose some fall/winter looks for me a few months! 

Until next time, 
<3 Keia