Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blessed and Thankful

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! I apologize for the lack of a Monday Mani post yesterday. To be quiet honest, I haven't felt inspired to do anything with my nails the past few days! I hope to be back on track next week, and I hope you will forgive me!

I have a question for you? Have you ever felt so blessed that you feel undeserving? 

Let's pause for the cause here...this post is by no means to brag in any way, shape, or form. My only intention is to share my feelings from MY personal perspective!!

I mean I pray everyday. I thank God for all of His blessings all the time. I listen to gospel regularly. I have a very close relationship with my GOD.  BUT I am at a place in my life where I just don't feel like I deserve the life I live. I'm healthy. I'm happy. I have a man I love. And his 6 year old son too! My immediate family members are healthy. I have a job, scratch that CAREER, that I love. (I now work from home, by the way. I may go into my new job situation in another post.) 


Again, I want to be extremely real with y'all today. I am NOT perfect. I don't go to church even close to enough. I sin just like the next person. I cuss way more than I should. I mean I could go on...but I think you get the point. Trust me, I have my share of trials and tribulations. Every day is not all peaches and cream, and who knows what tomorrow may bring!


I am here! In this space...this place...and I am sooooo thankful! Sooooo blessed! Lord, I thank you! 

I don't know who will even read this post...but if you are reading this...and you feel like your life is just the complete opposite of where I am today (and know that I am fully aware any or all of this could be gone tomorrow) just know...

KNOW that He can do for you everything He has done for me and more!!! If you would have told me this is where I would be a year ago...a month ago...I would have never, ever believed you! 

That's all I have for today. I will end this post with just a few more inspirational pieces!


Until next time,  
<3 Keia