Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Style Thursday| Everyday Classic

If I could only wear one outfit everyday...this would be the look for me. You just can't go wrong with a white tee and a pair of nice classic jeans. I'm also a big fan of simple, classic jewelry for the most part. I would love to own the Michael Kors Pendant Necklace and watch featured in this collection one day. As for shoes, I almost always wear flats and I love a good cross body bag; however, every once in a while you might catch your girl in a pair of cute strappy sandals. I am sucker for some cheetah print so of course I think that clutch is mean!

What would you wear everyday if you could? I want to know!

Until next time,
<3 Keia 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Mani| Memorial Day Style

Happy Monday, friends, and more importantly, Happy Memorial Day to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country! Thank you for keeping our country safe!!! For those of you who pray, I ask that you pray for one of my best friends who will be deploying across the seas later this summer. I so admire her dedication, but I also pray for her often. So I would be very thankful if you prayed for her too!

So this lovely Monday morning, I decided to polish my nails a bright, royal blue with a hint of gold sparkle on my ring fingers. I knew I wanted to wear my American flag scarf today, and I thought the royal blue would compliment it well.

I used Sinful Colors "All Day, All Bright" and an ELF gold sparkle polish called "Golden Goddess" that was gifted to me in a set for my last birthday by my friend Tiffany. {Thanks Tiff!}

I'm a fan of the look! What do you think?

A quick note for you lovelies...I'm typically a fan of Sinful Colors polish; HOWEVER, the "All Day, All Bright" color is a gel based polish...and while the color is very pretty the polish chips almost instantly which sucks. I thought I would give you all the heads up just in case you decide to try it!

Until Next Time, 
<3 Keia

Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY Framed Art| Motivation Wall

Happy Friday!!! I hope that your Friday is going well. Are you looking forward to the long holiday weekend like I am?!

So I actually mentioned this DIY project weeks ago! Oops! I don't really have a good reason why I took me so long to get this post up!

Anyway, this project is SUPER, SUPER simple! It was also a very inexpensive too! Can't go wrong with simple and inexpensive if you ask me!

So let's get started: 
-12 month calendar with nice graphics. {For this project in particular, the calendar I used had a tabbed page with a motivational phrase for each month, but you can use anything. I think black and white photographs would be really nice for this project for example!}

-12 frames. {I purchased my frames for a $1 each at the Dollar Tree}

-I purchased my calendar at Walmart last year for $4!

-The frames I purchased at the Dollar Tree also came with matting, and I think the matting adds a nice touch. It makes the look more polished overall, but you certainly don't have to buy frames with matting! It's optional. ; )

-Use 3M strips to hang the frames! I LOVE me some 3M strips. I don't have time to measure and hang things with nails and all that jazz! #ainthappening 3M strips are right up my alley. You can eyeball where you want your frame to go, slap it on the wall, and if you find that you need to adjust the frames you can easily just pop the frame off the wall and try again. 

{Step 1}
Simply remove the art from the calendar. Then cut off the spiraled edges.

{Step 2}
Place the art into the frame.

{Step 3}
Arrange the frames as desired. (I just arranged the frames on the floor by the wall I planned to hang them on. This step is especially important so you can get an idea of spacing.)

{Step 4}
Hang the frames on the wall.

And voila!!! You have yourself some lovely, framed motivational wall art. I basically completed this project for $12 since I already had the calendar sitting around. Winning! 

I decided to add the frames to my side of our master bedroom, just beside my closet. The quotes add some quick inspiration whenever I feel like I need a little boost.

Just in case you are interested, here are the motivational phrases:
Every Year. Day. Hour. Minute. Second. Is A Chance To Start Over.

Smile. You’re Beautiful.

Don’t Fall Back On What’s Behind You, Spring Forward To What’s Ahead.

Do One Thing Every Day That Will Make Someone Smile.

Dreams Bloom Best In A Well Tended Garden.

When Life Gives You Lemons Ask “Is That ALL You’ve Got?”

On The Road Of Life – Always Follow Your  <3 {But Make Sure Your Brain Rides Shotgun}

Today Is A New Day.

Your Life Should Not Be A Game Of Follow The Leader. Pave Your Own Path & Dance All Over It.

Your Days Are As Fun As You Make Them.

Life Goes On. So Keep On Keeping On!

Be Glad Life Doesn’t Come With An Instruction Manual. {It Is Way More Fun To Wing It Than Follow Directions}

So, what to do you think? Would you like to see more DIY projects in future posts? Let me know what you think about this DIY project in the comments! 

Until next time,
<3 Keia

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life Lately...

I thought about titling this post a "Week in Review," but most of the photos I have to share are actually from two weeks ago. Darn shame, I know. BUT I still wanted to share them anyway. There are so many memories connected to photographs. I want to document as much of my little ole' life on this blog as possible, so here we go!
Oh my little brother. I love this kid, even though he drives me crazy 99% of the time. It's so funny I look more like our dad, but act a lot like our mom. My brother looks like our mom, but acts EXACTLY like our dad. He carries my dad's name, and my parents must have known what they were doing when they decided he would be a Jr. 
Ah! Couch chillin'. Can't beat it.
My first issue of Better Homes and Gardens came a couple of weeks ago!! I love a good magazine.
I hadn't purchased any Bath and Body Works candles in quite some time. Big R had to get a watch repaired at the mall, so I grabbed a couple while we were there. It's hard to pass them up when they are on sale 2/$22. 
These two are like best friends. Don't get me wrong, when it comes time to be serious Big R is the parent and Little R is the child, but when they are playing around they have a grand old time with each other. Here they were practicing football drills. Lol and smh. Love them!
There is a beautiful marina around the corner from our house. This picture does NOT even begin to depict the beauty and serenity of this lake. Big R and I like to sit out by the lake and enjoy coffee and bagels together. 
Now that the weather is warming up, AND I got on the scale the other day...
Can we please pause for the cause? Now, let me ask y'all...we're friends right?! I'm especially asking my friends who know me in real life. Why oh why didn't y'all tell me to back away from the table?! When I tell y'all the numbers that appeared on that scale!! No bueno! I will no longer be indulging in those bagels I just mentioned that's for sure. 
Anyway, I was trying to saying that since the weather is warming up and it wouldn't hurt for me to lose a few pounds, more like 15 pounds, we will be eating a lot more salads, and this is how Big R likes his salad. He likes all the ingredients pictured above, with grilled chicken on top!
It took me a good while to switch from regular yogurt to Greek yogurt, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. Right now I especially love vanilla Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit. 
Nature. I think it's interesting how the sun created a line through this shot. I was literally sitting directly below the tree when I took this picture.
So I know I'm biased...but how cute is this kid? Even when he's pouting! LoL. He was upset because his tablet died. Life was hard for him in that moment. If you are curious, "Santa Claus" found those Sock Monkey headphones for him through a Living Social deal last year. 
I hope you all enjoy these posts as much as I do!

Until next time, 
<3 Keia

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mani| Coral and Gold Inspiration

Hey, hey friends!!! I hope you all can forgive me for my absence over the past week or so. Life happens you know. I am going through a life transition that I will probably share with you all sometime in the near future. And no, I'm not preggers!  Anyway, to be completely honest my nails are coated with only clear polish again, BUT, I did want to share a mani look I found on Pinterest that I'm dying to try!
Now there are a few things to note here: 

1| Is it just me, or is coral just everything right now? It's such a beautiful color!
2| I think my love for gold sparkles is slightly ridiculous. I can't help it though...I like what I like! Sheesh!
3| I don't see myself ever buying any Essie polishes...I just can't bare the thought of spending more than $5 for a nail I'm on the hunt for a dupe to this color OR maybe, just maybe, I will treat myself to a professional manicure to achieve this lovely look!!!

Are you feeling this look as much as I am? Let me know in the comment section.

Happy Monday lovelies!!!!

Until next time, 
<3 Keia

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Style Thursday| My Wardrobe Challenges

Wardrobe Challenges. We all have them, right? You know when you go into the dressing room with a super cute dress, one with cut-outs, or a nice fitted dress. You put the dress on, have a glance in the mirror, and NO ma'am! It hugs in all the wrong places, it's cut too short, the material accentuates that slight bulge you have in the bra strap area? Just an overall hot mess? Don't happens to the best of us! This My Style Thursday, I thought I would share some of my wardrobe challenges with you. These are the few of the things I have to consider, more like work around, when it comes to my wardrobe.

Height| I am 5'7, which isn't extremely tall, but I feel like I am freaking giant when I wear heels.            #iaintgottimeforthat
Upper arms| Plan and simple. They are fat! To me at least. I am trying to work on that issue.
Mid-section| Some days are better than others with this area of my body. As of late, it hasn't been looking all that cute. I'm trying to work this situation out too.
Love handles| Why? Why do I have back fat? Damn this slowing metabolism mess.

Ladies, we all have areas of our body that could use some improvement, BUT that doesn't mean we can't find our groove when it comes to our style. We just have to find the right pieces for our body types. Again, I'm no expert, but I hope to share some of my tips with you in future My Style Thursday posts!!

What are some of your wardrobe challenges?

Until next time,
<3 Keia

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Starbucks Sick Tea

Come close friends...I have a secret to share with you. Now I need you to remember this the next time you are feeling under the weather. Take your sick self to the nearest Starbucks, and order yourself a "Sick Tea." Yes, I said "Sick Tea." And no, it's not on the menu. BUT if you ask for it I promise you they will know what you're talking about!
I mentioned in my post yesterday that I haven't been feeling well. I have a sinus infection, which means my head is tight, I'm sneezing, snotting (gross I know), and coughing. A co-worker mentioned Starbucks Sick Tea to me weeks ago, and I made a mental note to give it a try the next time I wasn't feeling the best. Let me tell you, I don't know how much this stuff really works to make me feel better, but it tastes maybe it has magical powers?! No? When I stopped at Starbucks yesterday, I asked the nice barista what they use to make the Sick Tea, and here's what he told me:

-Steamed apple juice
-Tazo Passion Tea
-Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
-A honey, or two if you're feeling froggy

It's delish and soothing! Let me know if you try it!

Until next time, 
<3 Keia

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Mani. |or lack thereof|

Can I keep it real with y'all? Some days I just don't have it in me to pull off a manicure. Yesterday was just one of those days. Well actually, to be truthful, the whole lack of mani thing started on Saturday. I participated in a workshop for my job all day on Saturday. Saturday evening Big R and I had plans to meet up with friends to catch some of the undercard boxing matches, and then hit the town for some nightlife. Well, I ran out of time on Saturday while getting you know what that meant?! A clear coat of polish that's what! In my opinion, even if you don't have your nails manicured, you still look more put together if you slap on a clear coat of polish. Sunday rolled around, and a lovely sinus infection had your girl down and out. So here we are on Monday, with a clear coat and that's it. That's all I've got! Tell me y'all find yourselves in this situation every now and then too?!

Until next time, 
<3 Keia

Friday, May 2, 2014

New ish.

As of late, I have a MAJOR thing for gold dots. My Twitter dots. My personal Facebook cover dots. I'm also trying to find a way to dots...into our wedding theme somehow. I would like to find a graphic designer to work with to really, REALLY personalize my blog, but that will have to wait for now. Until then, I've switched up the layout with some new gold dot ish! Holla! Let me know what you think!! I hope you all have had a fabulous Friday!!

Until Next Time, 
<3 Keia

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Style Thursdays

Hey friends! I'm hoping to add a new series to the blog, called My Style Thursday. My goal is to share with you what I consider to be "my style." I say that very loosely, because Lord knows I am NO fashionista or anything even close. I have mentioned before that I am currently trying to build my wardrobe with simple, classic pieces that I can wear for a good while. Yesterday, I wore a navy blue and cream striped, cap-sleeved maxi dress. 
Dress-Ross; Necklace-GroopDealz: Flats-Target by way of Goodwill
I'm sure y'all have figured out that I don't buy anything unless it's a good deal. Well this here dress was $24.99. Yes m'aam!
This is the brand information if you're interested:
Beige by eci
From my quick research it looks like the brand is sold at Belk if you have one nearby. Overall, the dress totally suits my style, it is super comfortable, and the fit is perfect for me! And guess what, it's maxi dress season. Duh!
Sorry this picture is slightly blurry. 1) I need a better camera. 2) Big R was my photographer, and he was too busy trying to understand WHY I need to take pictures for my blog instead of focusing the camera. SMH. He's a work in progress when it comes to my blogging hobby. LoL.
Oh! To make the dress a little more work appropriate, I wore one of my favorite cardigans over it. The cardigan is by Nautica, and I got it at Burlington Coat Factory a couple of years ago. 

Y'all let me know your thoughts on this new series? What kind of outfits/looks would you like to see? 

Until next time, 
<3 Keia