Saturday, March 29, 2014

Goodwill Haul | Housewares & Some Knick Knacks

So I had been itching to get to the Goodwill for a couple of weeks, and I finally stopped by my local store last Sunday. I thought I would share what I purchased this go round! I spent a total of $21.57. I just LOVE the Goodwill!
Three Frames - 99 cent each 

Here is a close up of the not so cute portraits that are actually in the frame. 
My plan is to do a DIY project with them. I'm quite inspired by the framed state maps by Tattered to Taylored.

The project seems fairly simple. I'll need to get some black spray paint, white matting, card stock, and some gold paint. And of course maps of Michigan (Big R's home state), Virginia (my home state), and North Carolina (where we currently reside). I will update you guys if I'm actually able to make this project happen. I think they would look great in our living room with the whole black, white, and neutral theme I'm going for!
Cute little flower arrangement. $1.99. This will probably live in our guest bathroom.
7 Minute Power Abs Workout DVD. $1.00. No further description really necessary...I need to workout. Period.
Wood Trivet. 69 cent. Always nice to have around to throw a hot pot or pan on.
Plastic Tumblers. 99 cent. As the package describes...great for mixed drinks, sodas, iced coffee. I like having cups like these on hand when we have guests over. Can't beat 99 cent either.
Candle Holder. $1.99. I will pop a cream colored candle on this beauty and voila!
Wooden Basket. 69 cents. I have a thing for wooden baskets and things if you haven't already noticed. I'm not sure where I will use this...but it's beautiful and I couldn't pass it up for 69 cents. 
Cap Rack. $1.50. I'm not sure what Little R will actually end up hanging on this, but I thought it was cute. It will find a home on one of  soon.
Portable Coffee Mug. 69 Cents. The sleeve says, "Fill. Drink. Wash. Repeat." Mmm hmm. You know it.

Decorative bowl. 69 Cent. I don't know why I was drawn to this bowl, but it spoke to me. 

Gold Trimmed Platter. $1.99. There is a glare on the picture, but the platter is trimmed in antique gold. I have a thing for collecting platters I'm starting to notice.
Antique Gold Basket. $1.99. Ah! This picture captures a little snapshot of my spring table setting. Aren't those little, ceramic bunnies cute?! But the basket is what I actually purchased. Again, I don't really know how or where I'll use it, but you can never have enough baskets, right?
Reptile Book. $1.75. Little R has a thing for reptiles. I'm sure he will enjoy flipping through this book. It's a bit advanced, but this little, smart boy can read his butt off so I'm sure he will surprise me with how much he can actually read on his own.

And there you have it! That's what I got peeps! Please tell me that you stop in to your local Goodwill too? If not, I hope this post has encouraged you to GO! Like now!

Until next time,
<3 Keia