Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Simple, Afforable Way to a Fresh Smelling Home

I pride myself on keeping a fairly clean home. It is not always easy cleaning up after a man and six year old, but I do the best I can. To me, a clean home is not complete without the finishing touch of a nice aroma floating through the air. I mentioned several posts back that I would share with you all a Pinterest inspired "faux Scentsy" candle wax burner idea that I use in our home.

I am so happy I came across the pin for this brilliant idea. As I said before, I love for my home to smell fresh and clean. You can find an array of air fresheners around our place. I use Glade and/or Air Wick wall plug-ins. I buy the Bath and Body Works Three-Wick Candles, whenever I can catch them on sale for 2/$22 {They are currently on sale now, actually.} I will also pick up other candles here and there, but my faux Scentsy burner is tried and true.

Here's what you will need for your own:

Sorry about the poor picture quality yall. I'm working on that.
1| Candle wax burner. I purchased mine at Dollar General (DG) for $3 each.
2| Laundry Scent Boosters. Several brands make the product. I've only used Gain, but I've also seen the Tide brand in stores as well. The price ranges from $4-7 bucks.
3| Tea light candles. Again, you can find these anywhere for the low. I usually buy a bag of 50 from Walmart for around $2.50. 

With just those three items, which cost $9.50-$12.50, you have yourself an awesome candle wax burner that will last you for several weeks. 

Lately I have been burning the Glade Wax Melts in Sparlking Spruce. (Don't judge, I'm in the holiday spirit early this year!)
Now, if you want to get fancy, you could always skip the tea light candle method, and get yourself an electric wax burner like the ones here and here from a store like Yankee Candle. There is not a thing wrong with using the tea light candles though, in my opinion, and you can't beat $3 bucks for a burner like the ones I purchased from DG.

Y'all let me know if you try out this idea! You will thank me, I promise. ; )

Oh, and one last thing! The candle wax burner and accompanying wax melts would make for an awesome Christmas gift. Christmas is right around the corner peeps!

Until next time...<3