Saturday, September 7, 2013

Detoxify Your Life!

360yourlife - 28 Day Challenge
On those really hard days at work, I always jokingly say that I need to get away from my desk to "detox" during my hour lunch. While I often enjoy my one hour, mid-day detox, I could benefit from an overall life detox. I stumbled across this FREE 28 Day Challenge with Brooke Thomas via a post from 100 days of Real Food on Facebook. Brooke Thomas is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and a Health Educator and Coach.The challenge will entail daily emails with tips to detox your diet, beauty routine, your home, and your stress. The challenge begins on Monday, and I'm really looking forward to it! I say you join me!! You can sign up here:

Let me know in the comments if you're in!! Also, tell me what you feel like you need to detoxify the most.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

It Has Been a Minute

My goodness this thing called life sure can get in the way! Where in the world have I been you ask? Wait! Before I fill you in on where I've been...umm this happened!
A little over 500 views!!! Ah! I don't know who you all are, but thank you, thank you! I appreciate you all! I really enjoy sharing pieces of my life with you! <3

Now for the update...

{1} I don't really remember much about last week. There was work. I had class on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Eh, I lived for the weekend per usual.

{2} Friday after work, I picked up the little dude. I convinced him to let me peak my head into the Goodwill that is right by the Walmart we meet at to exchange him, and boy am I glad I did! I picked up this jewel.
Yes, that's right. A never used, super cute, decorative pillow from good ole' Target! I don't know how y'all feel, but decorative pillows can be a little pricey in my opinion. Well guess how much I paid for this jewel?!
Mmm hmm, $3.99 baby! It's hard to see in the picture, but it was originally priced at $19.99. Yeah, it would take a lot for me to pay 20 bucks for one dang pillow, but $3.99...sign me up! The pillow now has a nice home on the sectional in our living room.

{3} On Saturday, Little R and I made the 45 minute trip to watch his dad's football team's practice scrimmage.
Little R was front and center for the action. Big R is going into his first season as defensive coordinator so he has been extremely busy with football stuff the past few weeks. This also means that I will spend quite a few upcoming Saturdays at football games. Go Blue Bears!

{4} Sunday we had a few coworkers, my mom, brother, and step-dad over for a cookout/gathering. I wish I would have captured a few more pictures! I am still trying to remember to take more pictures to share on the blog.
My mom bought Little R a little golf set. She thinks she's a golf pro. LoL. The two of them had a good time knocking the golf balls around our living room.
Oh, my little brother! This child. I feel like he's my kid sometimes. Here he was in my shirt on (because he couldn't eat his food without spilling it on his shirt), tasting the bottle of triple sec I had laying around. Gotta love him!
Amidst the music and casual conversation, Little R thought it would be a good idea to attach one of his train cars to his remote controlled truck and drive it around the dining room. A pretty creative way to entertain himself I must say! We really enjoyed having company over, especially since it is not something we do often.

{5} Because of the Labor Day holiday, we were able to enjoy Little R for an extra day. So after sleeping in, I whipped up our favorite breakfast (which was actually more like brunch). Per Rashaun's request, we dined on our deck using the new patio set I picked up for the gathering we had on Sunday, but didn't get to use due to a terrible rain storm.
I got the table and the umbrella at Rite Aid at 75% off for a total of less than $20! Score! Even though we didn't get to use it for the gathering, I think we will still have some warm days over the next few weeks, and I will make sure we get out back to enjoy it.
Those two were definitely able to kick back and engage in some deep conversation after stuffing their faces with pancakes and bacon. LoL.
After we ate, we all plopped on the couch and watched a movie before we had to take the little one back for drop off.

{6} And now I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming...
Tuesday morning in the office, which felt like Monday of course.
Then Wednesday...back to Bio lab. The gross anatomy of the heart is pretty cool...wouldn't you agree?! LoL. I'm a nerd. I know.

And that's it y'all! I hope I won't be away from blogging for such an extended period of time again...but I won't make that a promise.

Until next time...<3