Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July Recap - Detroit, Michigan

Big R is a native of Detroit, Michigan. Majority of his family still live in the city or in surrounding areas. So every year we make an effort to visit. The 4th of July, in particular, is Big R's favorite time to visit. Since 2006, well before he and I met, he has hosted family picnics to bring together both his mother and father's families. Beginning in 2009, the picnic has been held at Metro Park in Harrison Township, MI. Metro Park is the perfect setting for family events. The park is the home of Metro Beach on Lake St. Clair. There are also basketball courts, volleyball courts, a small water park, etc. 

Big R's father, and namesake, resides in Seattle, Washington. He was also able to make it back home to Detroit for the 4th, which made this year's picnic extra special for us. Big R had not seen his dad since the summer of 2010, and this was my first time meeting him in person. It was really a pleasure to finally meet him.
Three Generations Strong!

It is undeniable how strong the genes are in Big R's paternal side of the family. Little R had a blast playing with his cousins and his uncle, Big R's youngest brother. Even though we aren't able to see Big R's family that often, we always enjoy ourselves when we do get together and we always enjoy their company. I always feel right at home.
I can go on and on about how special the trip was, but then this blog post would be entirely too long. So in an effort to condense my thoughts a little I will share some of most memorable moments of the trip, (besides enjoying family at the picnic that is):

{Most Memorable Moments}
{1.} My first Faygo "pop." And yes, the flavor is "Red" pop! Not cherry, strawberry, or fruit punch..."Red." You have to love Detroit!
{2} Watching Little R interact with his grandpa. Little R kicked with his grandpa like a grown man. Sometimes I have to remember that he is only five. His grandpa bought him an ice cream from the ice cream truck during our first day in town. 

{3} Late night fun and laughter with family! We had too much fun cutting up with Rodney's dad's side of the family.

{4} Enjoying my man in his element. You know the saying goes there is no place like home. Well I've never seen Big R more in his element than when he is visiting home. I love see6ing and feeling his happiness when he is driving through his old stomping grounds and spending time with his family. 

{6} Watching Little R explore Metro Beach. This child spent a good 15-20 minutes playing around with a dead fish that floated a shore while he was kicking around in the water. 

{7} Chapstick Scam. If you know me, you know that I am LOYAL to my ChapStick. I have to have the "ChapStick" brand, cherry flavored. Well before we hit the road to head home to NC we stopped at a local convenient store. I lost my ChapStick somewhere along the way so I picked up a new one. Well let me tell you, I was scammed!!! The packaging was sealed, but I knew something was off the second I opened the tube. The product was not rounded off at the top like normal, and there did not seem to be much product in the tube either. I let that slide, and I proceeded to apply the product to my lips, and the experience was all wrong! The fragrance was off, the consistency was off...just all bad! Then as I took a closer look it's obvious that the packaging was copied somehow. I was highly upset. I went on a rant to Big R explaining that I was going to contact and everything! LoL. It's funny now...but it was not funny at the time! Ah well...I'll let it go I guess. I'll be more careful the next time I'm in good ole' Detroit!
Until next time...