Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Y'all! Little R turns 10 today! I don't even know how that is possible. I feel like it was just yesterday that he started preschool 😩. When I met Big R, Little R was 2 years old. Big R and I dated for almost a year before he introduced me to Little R. So, Little R was 3 when I first met him. Big R introduced me as Ms. Keia, and Little R still calls me Ms. Keia to this day.

Little R will always be my first baby! He gave me my first taste at being a mama. He is by far our "easy" child. He is mild mannered, has always been well-behaved, kind, SMART, funny, caring, and he is a great big brother. While I wish I could be more involved in his life, I do understand he has a bio mom. So, I respect that. I take very seriously doing as much as I can to give Little R the same love, attention, and consideration I give to his brother and sister.

Anyone else a bonus mama like me? Would love to hear about your experiences.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

middle child.

independent. peace maker. unafraid of authority. rebellious. generous. 

Our Riley, at two years old, fully embodies many of the ways one would describe a middle child. Our family dynamics are a bit unique in that our oldest splits his time with us and with his mom in another state. While Rashaun is not always here with us, Riley LOVES his older brother. Big R and I were amazed with how quickly Riley took to Rashaun. Rashaun can do no wrong in Riley's eyes. 

Short story: A couple of weeks ago when we dropped Rashaun off to his mom at the end of the weekend, Riley literally cried like he lost a piece of his soul when he realized his brother was leaving. It was sad. Big R said Riley can't ride to drop off his brother anymore, because it hurt him to see Riley crying like. (Daddy is a softy, low key)

Then there was Mia. Mia quickly came about, and took some of Riley's shine. Riley was not at all interested in Mia when we first brought her home. In fact, he was quite mean to his sister at first. Several times he took his aggression out on her directly, and she was hit by him more than once. #fail. Just recently he has started to become more kind and loving toward her. He shares with her, and whenever we're leaving he always make sure we have sissy in tow. He calls her 'baby,' and he is slowly starting to evolve into his role as big brother. 

There is the notion of the middle child getting the least amount of attention. Well folks, in our house that is far from the truth. Our Riley demands our attention, and we all love him for it. 

Monday, September 25, 2017


Marana, AZ
Six years ago when I relocated to North Carolina, I was a young, single, and an inexperienced professional trying to figure out what the next phase of my life was going to look like. Today, I am knocking on 30 years old, working in a field I enjoy, married, and I have three beautiful children. I share not to brag, but I just want to put all of that out into the atmosphere to acknowledge how THANKFUL to God I am for this season in my life. I am blessed. My life is soooooo far from perfect. I don't ever want to give an illusion that everything is perfect, because it is not. My kids wear me out, I don't have enough QT with my husband, I don't go to church enough, we don't have access to Little R half as much as we would like, and the list goes on and on. Through all the not so great things, I still have so much appreciation for life. God is so good y'all.